Mar 23, 2006

art fiends
di and i got a chance to visit the extremely underrated san francisco museum of modern art while we were out there. it was art-o-licious. for real. we got to check out a bunch of good stuff: mondrian, miro, yves klein, calder, kandinsky, picasso, matisse and a very nice selection of art by local bay area artists... which was a nice change of pace (frankly, picasso and matisse just don't do knock me out as much...). so there was one piece that really caught me eye... "narkissos" by a local artist named Jess. His real name was burgess so-and-so, but the one name thing is much cooler. anyway, narkissos is a huge 7 by 5 foot collage of charcoal drawings that are absolutely insanely detailed. jess basically spent like 20 years of his life on this one work... and it was the last one he did before he died around 1995 or so. he apparently took all kinds of images from life magazine and national geographic and other sources and painstakingly redrew them. here's a pic, but i'll warn you that it's MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler in person:

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