Mar 30, 2006

a new look
i finally got around to working on a graphic logo for the blog. the plain ole' text wasn't cuttin' it. i know it's kind of ugly right now, and it's not formatted exactly the way i want, and i need to do some tweaking of the borders to make it a little less jarring when you scroll down to read... i promise i'll keep improving it.

i actually used a program called gimpshop, which automatically reminds me of the gun shop scene from "pulp fiction." it's actually an open source image editing program that's VERY closely based on photoshop. of course, photoshop costs a few hundred bones, while gimpshop is free. no-brainer.

also, sorry about the lack of photos lately. i am in the process of moving all of my photos over to flickr, which offers a lot more features than what image monster has, and as far as i know, flickr doesn't have as strict a bandwidth limit, so no more blue boxes. work has been keepin me busy lately, but hopefully i'll have time very soon to move my pictures over.

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