Mar 11, 2006

check out iTunes iSbogus. the authors of the site draw out a game plan that would actually let good musicians get paid while giving listeners access to a wide variety of music they want to hear. Here's their plan, which i really like:
"The internet should eliminate exploitation of musicians, not perpetuate it.

There's a simple solution to preserve the cultural benefits of p2p networks and make sure musicians get paid: voluntary collective licensing. Here's how it works:

* Record labels let ISPs license their music.
* Broadband subscribers pay $5/month for unlimited downloads.
* If you pay this small flat fee you won't get sued.
* ISPs collect data on which songs are the most popular.
* The pool of money gets split up according to popularity.
* An agency like ASCAP or SoundExchange distributes the cash.
* All musicians gain equal access to digital distribution."

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