Mar 9, 2006

i've really been slackin off with the blogging lately. sorry about that. between the job search (which paid off, read below), planning our little trip to san francisco, and working out at the gym and our homebrewing adventures, i've been a bit distracted.
anyway, i got a chance to watch fellini's "il bidone" recently. what a great film. it was made in 1955, so it's one of his earlier movies. "il bidone" actually came out between his two classics "la strada" and "nights of cabiria". anyway, "il bidone" is about a group of con men from rome who travel the area ripping people off with various schemes. yet the film is so morally ambiguous that you're thrown from one side to the other when trying to decide who's good and who's just plain rotten. I won't ruin the ending, but let's just say, it's fun and twisty and slightly depressing.... exactly the way a good film should end.

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