Mar 28, 2007

My-Time (aka craziest husband ever)

I guess the whole idea of contractual obligation is a good one -- people should be required to live up to their ends of bargains -- but sometimes, well, things don't go so well. Take the example of 33-year-old Travis Frey, henceforth known as The World's Biggest Scumbag (or TWBS), who drew up a "Contract of Wifely Expectations" using only his sociopathy and some horrendous font choices. Oh, and TWBS is (shockingly) facing charges of attempting to kidnap his wife.

One of my favorite sections deals with TWBS' concept of "My-Time" (note the apostrophe usage). My-Time deals with any time TWBS is "at home and alone as a family, from when you are to be naked until 12:00 AM, or for three hours, which ever is later."

This might not have helped TWBS' court case. But I'm no Alan Dershowitz, so I could be wrong.

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