Mar 12, 2007

The online turrrrrrists are winning

Just about every week there's another crazy Second Life story that comes out. The news out of fake-me-out-ville this week is that a militant "terrorist" group calling itself the Second Life Liberation Front (no word on whether they'll kidnap Patty Hearst's avatar) has launched attacks on buildings in the cyber world. Apparently the ultra-fake violence has a purpose:

The SLLA claims to be an "in-world military wing of a national liberation movement" devoted to replacing the rule of Second Life creator Linden Labs with a democracy representing the nearly four million residents.

"As Linden Labs is functioning as an authoritarian government the only appropriate response is to fight," the SLLA said in a message on its website at

"When the SLLA succeeds in its aims it will disband and hand power back to the political wing of the movement."

I can't decide if all these weird Second Life stories make me want to play the game more. I still haven't fired it up myself, but this new online militancy sounds like fun.

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