Mar 8, 2007

The regime change party

A group of my former co-workers had a party a few weekends back to celebrate the sale of the company to a slightly less odious corporate parent. Everyone was jovial. Here's another former co-worker's blog writeup. That's me on the left.

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Steve Greenwell said...

It's wonderful how creepy the Internet can be - I was just reading the FO threads, saw the name "Joel in Providence," and saw a link to your blog. I'm from South County, so I found it well-written and interesting.

I couldn't help but comment on this entry. I work as a freelancer right now at one of the former Register companies, and things have seemed to have gotten better. I'm sure you know more about how things worked there in the past, but at least now they are making an effort to recruit freelancers from local colleges and *gasp* pay freelancers a decent amount.

Anyway, I mostly lurk on the FO threads, but it's always nice to see a fellow RIer around. Good luck with the move to Atlanta; some of those trade publications and news stations sound truly horrible.