Feb 20, 2007

The completely walled-off beer garden

A group of state attorneys general (i know it sounds funny) have sent a letter to Anheuser-Busch claiming that the brewer's new online channel Bud.tv isn't doing enough to keep the kiddies from, uh, streaming Budweiser-related content. (Notice the debate is no longer about drinking ages and the possiblity of shady adults buying cases of Miller for teen-agers hiding in the parking lot.)

My favorite line from the letter is "We fail to see how your use of age verification on the Bud.tv site is a genuine attempt to keep youth from accessing the site's content."

In Bud's defense, though, they've put up all kinds of hoops for users to jump through in order to prove their age and the company claims it has probably turned away "tens of thousands" of its legitimate customers because of its age-verification system. Do these prosecutors not realize how hard it is to play Internet cop?

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