Feb 20, 2007

Plans leaked for Iran bombing

The BBC is reporting that the U.S.'s contingency plans for bombing Iran have been leaked. The government says they will begin bombing the country if evidence of nuclear weapons development is found or if large numbers of U.S. troops are killed by Iranians in Iraq.
One line from the story jumped out at me:

Authorities insist there is no cause for alarm but ordinary people are now becoming a little worried, she says.
It makes me wonder if this "leak" isn't more intended to foment civil unrest in Iran than scare the regime. The bottom line is that U.S. Army is so overwhelmed with the job of playing referee to a sectarian civil war in Iraq that the possibility of a ground invasion of Iran - a far bigger country - is next to impossible.

Juan Cole says the fallacy that bombing alone will work has been tried before... and failed miserably:
(T)he Pentagon is thinking big. Not just surgical strikes on the civilian nuclear energy program, but hitting virtually everything of importance in the country. The Air Force kept telling us they could bomb Vietnam into submission. They couldn't. Then it was shock and awe in Iraq. Didn't work. Just remember, it is always the Army that has to come in and clean up the mess.

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