Feb 2, 2007

Gambian President Now Among World's Top Medical Researchers

As if he didn't already look crazy enough, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has cured HIV using a secret blend of herbs.

"I can treat asthma and HIV/Aids... Within three days the person should be tested again and I can tell you that he/she will be negative," he said in a statement.
I particularly enjoyed how my man Yahya answers accusations that he's a witch doctor:
"I am not a witch doctor and in fact you cannot have a witch doctor. You are either a witch or a doctor."
Take that, pesky scientists and other rational thinkers! I can't believe this guy was elected president. It's almost as if hositility to modern science and promises of easy solutions to intractable problems can be used to polarize the electorate by demonizing modern intellectual progress. Some politician somewhere should use that strategy!

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