Feb 1, 2007

Pixelated Cartoon Character Terror Weapons

As you might already know, Boston's public safety officials collectively lost their minds yesterday after 10 LED mini-billboards promoting Aqua Teen Hunger Force were found. Unfortunately, most of the City Hall and a sizable chunk of the local media also went all batshit on us. Here are some of the better (and by better, we mean more indicative of mental instability) quotes:

“What our city experienced today is intolerable. The actions of this company for an apparent ‘marketing campaign’ not only inconvenienced our entire city but awoke painful memories of September 11th in so many hearts and minds. I look forward to the results of a full investigation.” --Boston City Council President Maureen Feeney

“OK, so when will the people of Boston see Ted Turner and his nitwit marketing gurus marched into federal court in handcuffs and leg irons? Because that’s exactly what should happen.”—Herald editorial

“Terrorism hoaxes are common. Two years ago, a drug addict and smuggler gave a fake tip about a terrorist incursion in Boston that led to another massive mobilization of law enforcement. In 2005, an angry deportee used a fake threat that forced officials to close a tunnel under Baltimore’s harbor. Turner officials say their devices were never meant to be seen as threats. Yet they find themselves in bad company.” – Globe editorial

“The show is geared toward the Doritos-munching insomniac stoner crowd.” -- New York Post
Despite how they make it sound, there really was no general panic in Boston. For a bit more level-headed approach, check out the Weekly Dig's excellent blog post on the fiasco.

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