Nov 2, 2007

Friday bag o' fun

- Uniwatch, a blog devoted to chronicling sports uniforms, is a pretty good site. I just wish they talked more about soccer uniforms rather than just baseball and football. Frankly, soccer unis are far more creative and radical anyway, with so many more teams and more incentive to change the design from year to year. There is a good story today about the use of swastikas on hockey jerseys in the 1920s (before the Nazis took the symbol for themselves, of course).

- Warren Buffett wants his own taxes raised. He points out that he pays almost half the marginal tax rate that his secretary pays, even though his income is far higher than hers.

- Get your capirinhas and bikini waxes ready, Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup. The South American country hasn't hosted the tournament since 1950, so expect this to be a legendary party. I think i'd give my left foot to go.

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