Nov 12, 2007

World's. Second worst. people.

Are the fuckwits coming out of the woodwork today, or what? The latest bit of foolishness comes courtesy of four residents of Statesboro, Ga. who are filing mass voter qualification challenges in order to disenfranchise college students who want to vote in local elections. As usual, they mask their political cynicism in the nannying vocabulary of concerned guardians. A few choice nuggets of bullshit:

"If your students are voting at home, they have the advantage, or the maturity, of their parents to guide them," said Sarah Hines, who helped form the group to challenge the student voters


"The students are being misled - they were being told to vote for a certain candidate so the bars would remain open," Hines said. "That's not what we're supposed to do. We're supposed to know in our own hearts why we're voting for somebody."

It's amazing how well retarded people can figure out the motivations and internal judgement ability of other voters in an election. Oh well. I understand why they're afraid: They don't want the town turned into a typical college town. But why shouldn't it be? After all, half of the town's residents are students. Shouldn't they have the right to elect the leaders who represent their interests?

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