Nov 1, 2007

Good stuff for today...

- Dave's Football Blog, a fairly new blog about the various forms of football (American football, soccer, the assorted types of Rugby) is a great read. There's a good bit of sports history and some great commentary on various issues, such as the recent NFL game in London. (Hint: The NFL spun it as a huge success, while the typical fish-and-chips eating Limey was quite non-plussed.)

- Ever wanted to own a professional sports team? Who wouldn't. I'm seriously intrigued by It's essentially a UK-based ownership trust that anyone can join for about $70 and that pledges to buy a football club. The concept of shareholder-owners is rare in the U.S. (the Green Bay Packers being a major exception), but this is really interesting. So far the top choice of the shareholders is to acquire Leeds United, a once-proud club that has fallen on hard times and is now two leagues below the Premiership. (Hint: This would make an awesome Christmas gift for that football lover in you life. cough. cough.)

- Don Vito, a Philadelphia-bred character from a certain MTV show was convicted of sexual assualt. Apparently he didn't take it too well:

"You might as well kill me now," as well as, "I can't f---ing spend the rest of my life in jail," "you cops lied" and "you can rot in f---ing hell!"

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