Nov 2, 2007

Halloween 07

Di and I always enjoy celebrating Halloween. Last year, we hosted a party. Since we're in a new city and don't really have any friends here yet (don't worry, we've been meeting and hanging out with lots of new people, though) we decided to just give out candy and carve up a pumpkin. Gatsby, of course, insisted on dressing up.
I went all out in the jack 'o lantern department this year. I consider this year's jack o' lantern to be my Pumpkin Sistine Chapel.

It's a hunchbacked goblin holding a beaker full of bubbling magic potion. Unfortunately, only a dozen kids even came by, so not that many people actually saw it lit up. Wtf is wrong with people these days? Are they so afraid of molesters and whatnot (yes, I used that pseudo-word) that they won't let their kids bother neighbors for candy?

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