Nov 26, 2007

Hillary explains it all

For the record, the all-time greatest commentator on the American class system was the comedian Colin Quinn, who once did a skit on his show "Tough Crowd" in which he laid out "The American Caste System."

(I'm going from memory, so if I screw anything up, post a comment!)

From the pinnacle of society to its dregs:

- The A-listers: This group includes pretty much any celebrity or otherwise rich person with enough charisma to get in anywhere for free.

- The Tuesday Nighters: This group includes pretty much anyone who's hip or interesting without being rich or famous. They can probably get into the best nightclubs in town, but only on Tuesday nights.

- The Wal-martians: This group includes most of Middle America. They wear a lot of sweatpants and buy things like Country Music Christmas Albums.

- The Ignored: This group is America's version of the Dalits (untouchables). The old, the infirm, the insane rambling homeless man who screams about the CIA in the middle of the street.

Anyway, the Washington Post had a story last week on how we define the upper and middle classes in this country. It was somewhat insightful, mainly thanks to this whopper of a delusional quote from Hillary Clinton:

"In America, we've never liked the idea of massive inherited wealth," Clinton said last month in New Hampshire. "Part of the reason why America has always remained a meritocracy where you have to work for what you get, where you have to get out there, make your case to people, come up with a good idea, is that we never had a class of people sitting on generation after generation after generation of huge inherited wealth."

Explain to me again how she's so left wing? The idea that America never had inherited wealth is so absurd that I can't understnad how some deluded Democrats are still supporting her. Who's team is she on?

For the record, Obama defined the "upper class" as anyone making over $100,000 in annual income, which is six percent of the population. That sounds about right to me.

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