Nov 12, 2007

Worst. Person. Ever.

Paging Keith Olberman. I have a hunch that the NY Times has found the world's worst person. (The more I think about the kind of people who read the NY Times, the less I find it surprising that he or she is a Gray Lady letter-writer). The scumbag-in-question is the writer of a letter to the Times Magazine's "Ethicist" column. Here's the query:

My beloved sister, a human rights worker in Central America, has long received financial help from our parents. I earn enough to support a comfortable lifestyle. May I ask them to make a reckoning of their aid to my sister, subtracting it from any bequest they eventually make her, so that overall, she and I receive equal amounts?

— Name Withheld, Albuquerque
Yes, that's right. This person is asking whether he/she should count up how much his or her parents have given to the sister in support of her work as a human rights worker in Central America, so that he or she can get a bigger inheritance when they finally kick the bucket. All this despite being financially secure! The NYT answer is boring and a little too non-judgmental, frankly. I prefer Gawker's answer.

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