Jan 29, 2007

13 of Every 100 Americans now Officially Clueless

A survey of world attitudes about climate change revealed this week that 13 percent of Americans have never heard of global warming. Of course, maybe even more troubling is how many of compatriots actively refuse to believe in global warming. Here's Reuters:

The United States emits about a quarter of all greenhouse gases, the biggest emitter ahead of China, Russia and India.

Thirteen percent of U.S. citizens said they had never heard or read anything about global warming, the survey said.

It amazes me how flippant we Americans continue to be about this issue. I can't even imagine how tortured this must make climatologists and other scientists who've been ringing alarm bells for years trying to make us take global warming seriously. I really do wonder if this might eventually tarnish Bush's reputation among historians of the future when they look back at how little was done on this issue while he was in office.

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Anonymous said...

Just another reason to be ashamed to be an American. Bush is the worst president we've ever had and I feel confident history will reflect that. This just adds to his failures.