Jan 16, 2007

A College Worth Dropping Out Of

There is a burgeoning movement among some U.S. states to drop the Electoral College like a bad habit. It's nice to see polticians taking a rational look at an outdated system. After all, if you're going to justify the EC on the basis of the founding fathers, at least come up with something better than their aversion to mob rule. Here's a political scientist on why the system is so screwed up:

Koza said the current system encourages parties to focus on a few contested ''battleground'' states -- Ohio and Florida, in recent years -- and exaggerates the significance of issues important to those states.

''Why is the rest of the country interested in Cuba? It's a couple of million people, we don't trade with them, and it's certainly been no military threat for 40 years,'' Koza said. The reason, he said, is that Florida is a battleground state.

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