Jan 13, 2007

Iraq Insurgents Googling the Earth

British troops in Iraq are reporting that insurgents are using Google Earth to learn details about U.K. military bases in that country. It was only a matter of time before stories like this started coming out. Apparently Google already blurs out some areas -- supposedly including Israeli nuclear faciliities -- but according to the troops interviewed, the aerial maps show "where we eat, sleep and go to the toilet."

The Telegraph article, by the way, continuously refers to the fighters as "terrorists." Isn't a terrorist considered someone who attacks civilians, not military bases? I thought only American journalists continued using this silly terminology, but no.

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Alexandra said...

Hi Joel,
Just wanted to tell you that this is a very interesting idea for a blog and it certainly has me checking in every few days. Great writing here. Your limited smarminess is lovely and the media items you feature are amusing and interesting.
I LOVE that the "terrorists" are googling pics to help then plan attacks. So sad. So funny.

Take care-- and keep up the good writing--