Jan 11, 2007

YouTube finally realizes it can do TV better than TV can do itself

It's been a wild week for home entertainment buffs (Which is basically everyone at this point. Even my mom has Netflix.). Apple introduced its set-top multimedia box, the Apple TV. Also, YouTube is considering starting its own conventional television channel.

Everyone knows the days of analog TV and shipping DVDs through the mail is waning. And it looks like some kind of universal home entertainment server is the direction we're headed. Wirelous routers and satellite dishes are great, but faster network access and better monitor technology means your TV in five years will be a lot more like your computer than the TV you have sitting in your living room right now. And the obvious technical challenges posed by this will be completely destroyed by an online experience that's faster and more visceral than old TV.

The internet is pretty much already at the point where it's better at TV than TV -- a fact apparent to anyone who realizes they just killed two and half hours surfing YouTube and Wikipedia.

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