Jan 30, 2007

Evidence of a Freemason-Redneck conspiracy

After such illustrious Nascar sponsors as Skoal, Copenhagen and Viagra, the illuminati-loving Scottish Rite of the Freemasons are now sponsoring a race car (of the type that only turns left). It turns out that the Masons were able to forego the usual multi-million dollar sponsorship fee in exchange for some mysterious promise of access to the secret society's members. Slate's reporter asked the race team's owner why he went with the Masons:

I called Joe Hill, head of public relations for Brian Conz's racing team, and asked him to explain how he expected to make up this missing money. What is the team getting from the Scottish Rite in lieu of all that cash? "We're aligning ourselves with a dynamic, worldwide organization. We expect access and introduction to their members, who will assist us in meeting executive-level corporate leaders interested in getting involved with racing." Presumably, these rich and important men (because there are no female Masons, after all) will prove useful in sponsoring race teams down the line.
In my opinion this proves the conspiracy!

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Anonymous said...


Not all Masons are happy with this gimmick.
This will be Nascars first sponsor that discriminates upon gender in all 50 states and color in 10 states.
Ask the Scottish Rite if they have women members?
Ask them do they have black members in AL,GA,FL,LA,MS,TN,AR,TX,NC,SC?
Ask them why they have done anything in these states to stop racism?

Ask them why Scottish Rite Grand Commander Ronald Seale ignored a anti-racism protest held in Birmingham, Alabama at the Scottish Rite building the night he came to speak. Ask him why he is silent on the race question in 10 states.
While you are at it ask why the Governor of Alabama Bob Riley (Scottish Rite member)is a member of the Grand lodge of Alabama that excludes blacks.
Many question must be answered. CEO of Nascar Brian France must be asked if he is aware of the racism within the Masons and the Scottish Rite.
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