Jan 19, 2007

The Burning Crusade Against Good Writing

The NYT has a story about the release of The Burning Crusade, a new expansion pack for World of War Warcraft (an absurdly-popular online version of dungeons and dragons). The writer, though, attempts (unsuccessfully) to explain the popularity of the new game expansion:

The Burning Crusade, as the set is titled, went on sale at midnight Tuesday. For people who don’t play online games, it can be a little difficult to describe the freakout many gamers experience as they try to explore and conquer the new content. Imagine the convergence of rabid fans if, say,
Luciano Pavarotti were to star in a long-hyped live remake of “Star Trek” at Carnegie Hall, with special appearances by Tom Cruise and Kiefer Sutherland.

It’s a bit like that, except for people who mostly don’t read People, care about Jack Bauer or subscribe to the Met.

If you can actually understand what he's trying to say, post a comment. I'm stumped.

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