Jan 13, 2007

If Humans Were Better Drivers We Wouldn't Need Robots

The European Union is investing all sorts of money and effort into developing driver-less cars, taxis and trams. Hopefully this will pick up steam in the U.S., too. We're already using pilot-less drones for military and intelligence purposes, so why shouldn't we turn this technology toward civilian uses? The fact remains that humans just don't make very good drivers. We're too dependent on our reflexes and motor skills. Computer logic would actually be far more efficient at piloting small vehicles from point A to point B. Computers don't get drunk. They don't talk on cell phones. They don't feel the need to slow down and look at the fender bender on the other side of the highway. I think these driver-less systems will start popping up within the next 20 years in urban areas. The real leap forward will be when we're able to move from automated public-transit type systems to private automobiles that are integrated into larger transportation networks.

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